Hey, I’m Krista
your adventurous
& fun third wheel wedding photographer

I believe we were all put on this planet for a purpose & mine? Well, it’s been clear from the start. Regardless of what life has thrown my way, there have always been two constants in my life. Travel & Creating. These two things have propelled me forward and guided me to being an elopement photographer. 

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Your love is not ordinary. Infact, no two loves are the same & that is part of the beauty of my career. Your story is meant to be told authentically, boldly  & in a way that makes your heart beat out of your chest.  My job as an elopement photographer is to live your story with you and capture it just as it is. I make sure your adventure aligns with your wildest dreams. And if you’re here, reading this, I already know you're looking for a wedding that pushes all the norms aside and focuses on your indvidual love for each other (& that is my jam)!

As I sit here in Wyoming, introducing myself to you I realize my life has brought me to the exact spot I’m meant to be. I’ve travelled distances for love that could last a person's life. I’ve photographed elopements on the highest cliffs all the way to the most gorgeous beaches and that makes me feel so damn blessed.  

Because...my story too, is one of inspiration and determination. After graduating college I leaped right into the corporate role as a lead photographer...which to most would seem like a total score. But, to me, I felt like I lived on the outside of this new role. My excitement for adventure photography & the thrill of catching those breathtaking moments wasn’t being fulfilled. 

Where was the art in photography? 
Where was the freedom? 

Suddenly, even my comfort zone didn’t even feel comfortable. That’s when I made the decision to quit my stable 9-5 job, leave my home town in Pennsylvania and move to Yellowstone National Park & let's just say that's where my adventure began.

A few of my
favorite things

My furbabies


Oreos, burgers, & fries

Driving forever to discover new music

Plants & gardening

Biking & running

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